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Bee Removal Johannesburg.

Trees, wall cavities and other openings in buildings are the most common nesting sites for the imported honey bee in urban areas. Swarming behaviour, when a queen and attendant workers seek a new site for a hive, is the most potentially hazardous period. It is also the most likely time a person may be stung. Stings can cause a wide variety of reactions from localised pain and swelling to more severe allergic reactions.

Bee swarms can be naturally nullified by pest control technicians, who can transfer a swarm to a substitute hive for transportation to a safe location. This may also involve the services of bee keepers, who operate throughout the country. Other methods involve small electronic units that emit ultrasonic sound waves, which insects are averse to. This is a great passive deterrent that is also non-destructive, and can be sited indoors or outdoors.

Safety and bees

Follow these simple guidelines if there are bees swarming near your home:


  • do not attempt to get rid of the bees yourself
  • keep children and pets indoors
  • if possible limit the amount of standing water you have on your property as bees are water dependant
  • repair any cavities and fill holes in your house to limit potential nesting sites